Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello, Baby.

I love to capture babies right after birth, when they are most new! Both families pictured above had me come to the hospital to take their newborn photos. If you would rather wait until you get home, I can take pictures of your baby in the privacy of your own space.
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  1. awe!!!!...god feels like yesterday ...time flies...god look how different both babies look at birth till now!!

  2. I am so happy you will NOT be prego with me this next time around (not that I didn't enjoy it) but this pictures are priceless and both the Creel's and Keilman's are very lucky to have had you there. Ok, OKAY, I too am pretty lucky that I got to have so many great pics of Jayla growing up. Just don't forget about us little people when you go big :). I truly believe you are gonna rock at this and make a fortune!!! I am so happy for you!