Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Swisher Anniversary/Family Photos - Boojum Tree

Saturday I met up with the Swisher Family at the magical Boojum Tree, where all the festivities happened almost one year ago. We captured Anniversary Photos as well as family photos! If you are looking to get married in a tucked away gold mine of Arizona, while still keeping it in the city, definitely check them out! I had a blast with the Swishers remembering their special day and creating new memories for them to share!


  1. Great job Jenni!! the one with the kids peeking out around the door is just beautiful! I love them all...

  2. these are all so amazing...i cant pic a fav....u did an incredible job girlie!!!!! such a great place

  3. These turned out awesome- love the look of the family pic on the old truck! Another great shoot, "Yenni!"
    I have no idea what we're gonna' wear, but probably simple to make the art wall stand out?

  4. Ok, its official, boojum tree and the Swisher family shoot is my favorite by far.
    All I can say is that I love every single one of these photos. You are AMAZING!
    They are such an adorble family!!