Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Pratte Family - White Tank Mountains

Some of us have kids while others of us are starting out our families with a puppy!

The Pratte's just added a new member to their family and wanted to capture some photos with puppy in tow! Toby was such a trooper and did as well as a puppy could do (or at least I think so anyway - this was my first photo shoot with a dog!). I mean really, just look at him, he is so cute! He even cooperated with his auntie (who came to help so that his owners could snap some photos without him)! Thank you Sarah and Noah for letting me capture your adorable little family! It was an adventurous morning - good thing we weren't spotted by those mountain lions!


  1. Oh the first one is BEAUTIFUL! I love are doing great!! :)

  2. Myyy goooooodness- his little face is irrisistible, especially in that last photo! GREAT job on your first shoot with a K-9!
    I always love the look of the White Tank Mtns.

  3. love love the one of them laying down with the pup soooo adorable...great pics rosie j...u rock!!!

  4. You know how much I love these pictures. Especially the one of Toby sniffin the ground behind those little branches. That one should be on a card or something.

    I think you are getting better and better with every shoot. So happy for you!!