Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lola, Tutu Session - Wigwam Resort

My little Lolita! As soon as she opened her box of goodness (her beautiful tutu) from Dear Lillie, she fell in love! She begged to put it on and was whirling and twirling in the house! I jumped at the opportunity to catch her in such a playful mood! We loaded up in the car, headed down the street to the Wigwam Resort (where I recently discovered this really awesome door just outside of the resort) and snapped away! I think that I was able to capture some really special moments of my precious daughter!

Now, since editing the pictures, I am having a hard time choosing which pictures to order. I see what clients go through when having to decide what to do!


  1. Love love love them Jenni! And that door is indeed gorgeous!

  2. Just found you from Dear Lillie and I am excited to be a new follower!

  3. Let me tell you my fave! It's in the 5th picture/collage down. The one where her arms are crossed and she's looking up at you. Love that one!