Monday, June 21, 2010

Camden Turns Two - The Westin Kierland Villas

Can't believe that Camden will be turning 2 in just a few weeks! I remember waiting, and waiting, and waiting by my phone for the text just saying she was here! Now she is going to be 2?! I met up with her and her mom and dad to capture some pictures of this beauty in nothin' but her bathing suit (which happens to be my favorite out of the 12 she owns)! I had a blast with Camden and discovered that she has become quite the character!

Not only is Camden turning 2 soon, but mommy and daddy are expecting baby #2 very soon too! Camden loves to give her brother Nixen kisses!

The faces that she was giving me were hilarious! Just goes to show you that an almost 2 year old has a mind of their own and will smile when they want to, be silly when they want to, and be serious when they want to as well! Still, I love all of her faces!

She was waiting for her dad to turn the fountains back on and when they did, this is what her reaction was! I LOVE it! Especially that last one! Who knew that water shooting up out of the ground was so entertaining?

Might be my favorite shot of the whole afternoon. Those glasses are to die for, and on her...even better!

Daddy to the rescue! Camden slipped in the little kiddie pool and daddy jumped in to "save" her! Sure, she looks sad because you think that she was scared that she slipped, but really, she knew it was time to go, so really she was sad that she had to leave! The way she looked at her dad made my heart melt. She was all better though once she discovered herself in his sunglasses! So precious!

Daddy's rescue marked the end of our shoot! I had a blast Creel family!
Camden is beautiful.


  1. Repeating myself over & over, but LOVE these so much that you may never know! I cannot wait to see the Shutterfly book in person too.
    Love how you organized them in collages (and as usual, may have to steal them for my own post!)
    Michael loves the pic of her walking away & said it cracks him up, because she walks like him.

  2. omg soooooo many great the 3rd collage with all the facial expressions....soooo cute...........and those glasses!!!!!......wowza's she is goreous!!!!!!! u took amazing pics!!! love them all!

  3. She is such a doll baby Jenni. You are fantastic!!