Friday, June 18, 2010

Parks, Six Months Old - Wigwam Resort

I met up with the Jackson family on Thursday morning for their son Parks' six month photos!

Seems that this little family and I have the worst luck with scheduling! When Parks was born (click on the world born to see his newborn photos) our first appointment had to be canceled because of rare rain! It hardly ever rains here, however, the day of the shoot was a no go! So this time, probably an hour before our appointment I got a frantic email from Cathy (the pretty mommy you see in the pictures) letting me know they had to cancel because all three of them had the stomach bug and Chad (daddy of that handsome little fellow) woke up with it the day of the shoot and felt like...well, you know. So reschedule we did, for two weeks later. No biggie! Well, remember how I said we had scheduling issues, it wasn't over with! My husband ended up getting very sick this week and his boss said that he could have off Thursday, as in yesterday, if he worked on Saturday! So when my Chad (also my husband's name) asked if anything was going on I started to panic because that was the day of the already rescheduled photoshoot, there was NO WAY I was going to reschedule with them again! So I called Cathy, explained the situation and waaaahlaaaa! We were able to take pictures yesterday and I love the results and I am pretty sure that they do too!

I can't believe that Parks (cool name, huh?) is already so big and oh-so handsome! He was full of smiles for me from the moment that we met up and was such a good baby to photograph, although he had me sweating! Wait, maybe because it is June in Arizona and we were outside?!

From the rescheduled appointments, to the handsome little man, to beautiful family, to the hot sun, to lost keys, this photoshoot was a blast! Thank you Jackson family for being so flexible!


  1. beautiful Jenni! I love the colors and those little vans are so cute. Jake had a pair and both the kids have worn them. :) xoxo

  2. His name is really cool- I like it a lot!
    I love the shot of their legs/cute shoes, and of course, you did awesome on ALL the pics. I am thinking babies/family is becoming your specialty!?

  3. Thanks for sharing the idea there would be some apprehensions from segment but i am up for it.
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