Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Casillas Family - White Tank Mountains

This is my friend Kristen. She believed in my picture taking from the start and has been there with every step of my growth. She was a big part of my push to start Rosie J. Photography (even before I had a name for myself). She will probably kill me when she sees that the first picture that I posted of the Casillas family photo shoot is of her, but...oh well, she is beautiful, inside and out!
I also wanted to say thank you. Thank you for believing in me from the start!

Now, onto my favorite photo from our session. The light was shining just right and I love the candidness of it, so imperfectly perfect.

Thanks Casillas Clan for another great year of beautiful family photos! I can't wait to see which photo you choose for your Christmas card!


  1. Ahhh....thank you so much! You are truly talented, creative, crafty, and inspiring! Thanks for making us look great. I love you friend and I am proud of you for following your dreams.

  2. I have always thought her kids were SO cute!!
    Clever idea for their Christmas card too- a Little Cardinals love.
    Hmmmmm, speaking of Family Christmas card photo....are we keepin' the tradition alive this year with our FAVE photographer?? I totally understand if you're too busy, and we WILL be paying customers!!

  3. I love these!! I think this is where I want ours friend :)

    Sorry I'm not much of a blogger lately (too time consuming), but your photo blog is looking super cute. I love the new background!!