Friday, April 15, 2011

My Best Shot: Week One

My blogging friend, Crystal B. has challenged her readers to link up "their best shot" of the week! I knew the exact photo that I wanted to link up once I read her post that appeared, disappeared, and then reappeared today on her birthday (Happy Birthday lady!). I may be linking up here at Rosie J. or over at my family blog, not sure...depends on where the inspiration comes from. Today, it is Rosie J.

This picture is from the wedding that I shot two weeks ago. Just this week I finished sorting through the over 3000 pictures snapped and I finally have begun the editing process. It has been overwhelming, but so fun at the same time. Especially when you come across a picture like this. To me, it speaks volumes about Courtney and Brandon's day, their love for each other, and the location, which you can simply see with those palm trees in the background. It didn't start off like this, but with just the right amount of cropping and processing, it amazes me. I can't stop looking at it and that is why it is my best shot of the week!

Link up and join the fun! Show us your best shot!


  1. Love this shot!!! You rock Jenni!!

  2. thank you mande! oh, how i miss you girlie...hope all is well!

  3. I LOVE this photo! Love. It. Do you know I've never seen this pose! What I like most is the way you off-set it. I have to remember this when Claire gets married. :)

    I eloped so I don't have any cool wedding pictures. I would want this one framed in my house. :)

  4. What a story this shot tells. I can just imagine them having an intimate moment in the midst of a whirlwind day.
    Really nice!

  5. Amazing lighting! Great arrangement! And I love how this is cropped! I can really see why you can't stop looking at it as I'm going to have another look as soon as I finish.

    Thanks for the comment over at my old blog home...Reflections of Debbie/ I don't post there anymore but that was the only picture that came to mind for the week. I'll have to get busy for next week's challenge. This was fun; I hope you return for the challenge next week.

    Blessings - Debbie

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe I'm just now looking at your photo blog after so long. shame on me.

    This shot reminds me of 1 of my FAVES from our wedding. Had to hang it in the hallway since I loved it so much. Great job!