Monday, October 24, 2011

Noah - One Year Photo Shoot

 Oh he sure is cute, huh?!
Little Noah is turning one very soon and I had the pleasure of meeting up with he and his mommy this past Saturday to capture some pictures of him!
Noah happened to be one of those little guys that just cooperated for the camera and did not fuss {until he was put in his adorable Halloween costume}, no matter where we put him!
And his style!?  So adorable!  Loved his turquoise chuck t's and his little hat!  Too much!

Told you he was cute!  
Happy Birthday {soon} Noah!


  1. Awww your so sweet Jenny! Thanks again!! We will cherish these photos for a life time.

  2. They are AWESOME, love love his sweet smile with those BIG dimples! The tree ones were really good, and those shoes made the outfit. : )