Monday, March 5, 2012

Senior Photo Session: Destiny

Where do I even begin with this girl?  When she was my student she drove me up the wall {just ask her, she will tell you the same thing...HA!}, but the second that she moved onto high school she became the one and only student from that class that still kept in contact, whether it was a text message to let me know how high school was going or to stopping by the school to fill me in on her life!  Something tells me she is the same way with her mother...
...and I can see where she gets her good looks from!  That second picture is the funny, sweet, and crazy girl that I LOVE!

She has sent me business and even pushed me to put myself out there just a little by advertising in her high school newspaper!  She is graduating this year from my first class of 8th graders that I have ever taught and I couldn't have been more honored when she asked me to take her pictures to commemorate such a major event in her life!
 She has some of the most piercing eyes in the entire world, I can see why she was picked for that category by her senior class for the senior superlatives yearbook page!

This was one of my most favorite shoots to date.  Destiny's inner and outer beauty shined through so naturally the entire time!  She has an infectious smile, so much so that you can't help but smile back when you look at her {or her pictures}.  I am so proud of the young lady that she has become and I look forward to what the future holds for her.


  1. Thank You so much for taking this! Your work is amazing! I can't even explain how much pride I have for this beautiful babygirl of mine. Just thinking about how she has grown from a tiny little flower into a beautiful woman brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  2. these are beautiful...the last one is my FAV!

  3. Gooooood Lawwwd she is beautiful, and you did an awesome job with these!!! L O V E that one of her on her tummy (with fist by face) with that lighting behind- amazing!