Friday, November 13, 2009

Pavey/Moore Childrens Photos - Sahuaro Ranch Park

Wednesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to snap photos of 3 beautiful children! The older two acted like they were pros at getting their picture taken, always looking at the camera and giving their best smiles, baby was great too! The one of her crawling away with her brother and sister in the background pretty much shows just how interested any baby might be in getting their picture taken, however I was able to get some with all 3 of them and they turned out beautiful! Mama Moore is going to have a hard time choosing which one will go on her Christmas cards this year! I had so much fun working with your kids and I can't wait for family photos soon!


  1. This just might be my FAVE shoot of yours to date! LOVE the look of the kids in the corn field. You are GOOD, Miss Rosie J!
    Have fun with your boudoir session today.....and maybe Creels have a session soon??

  2. omg these are gorgeous i lv them all but i think the one of the G and MIke lookin at each other and the crawling r my favs!! u are so talented jenni great job lv the blog as well!!

  3. cute blog. and great pics! she has the cutest kids ever. i bet she'll be super duper happy with them!

  4. I agree with Candis, this is by far my favorite shoot of your yet. Well for family shoots anyway.

    Jenn's kids are adorble and you can totally tell they are hams for the camera.

    Great Yob Yenni!!