Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Susie, Boudoir Session - White Tank Mountains

This past weekend I had the opportunity to do another one of my favorite shoots with my girlfriend Susie! It was the first time that I have shot at sunset and it felt really different, but I love the way the pictures turned out! We had to use our time wisely, as we only had about an hour of good lighting out there by the time we finally made it to the spot. Susie was fun to work with (minus being cussed at the majority of the time *wink! wink!*) and her pictures turned out beautiful!

**Don't forget, book your boudoir session and mention that you saw the blog to receive $20 off either sessions of boudoir!


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! fav is sittin on rock lookin down and the last one...but they are all so beautiful..good job jenni!! and good job sue the pics are fantastic!!!! lv them !!wish i was skinnier and had the guts to do this o well maybe one day!!! lol....

  2. I just got the BEST compliments from Sarah on this. She is so in love with your work and so am I!

    I seriously can't thank you enough. Cussing and all, it was so worth, the thorns in my butt, and the snake holes, and the chilly willy air... When can we do them again?? I was thinking, when and if I ever get pregnant, I want you to take these same pics with my belly. I think that would be so cool, and totally something you should encourage for other pregnant women. Just always remember I asked first ;)

  3. #'s 3,4,5 are my favorite, the sky is stunning in #5 as well as 6.

    I agree with Susie, pregnant would be so sweet! :)

  4. I love them all! (And was laughing at the "thorns in butt," etc. since I remember all too well! The only difference with me was, instead of the chilly air- I was sweatin' my lingerie OFF!?
    AMAZING job on these, Jenni- this is definitely your niche.