Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crispell Wedding - Westbrook Village Country Club

Last Saturday, New Year's Eve, I had the opportunity to shoot my first wedding ceremony and it was so much fun (but I am not going to lie, I was nervous)! I am very excited to get back out there this weekend for another one and then again in April!

While the girls were getting ready, the boys had some fun with their pictures! This one is a surprise for the bride, Justin pretending to take off...wish I could be there to see her reaction when she opens this photo up!

That photo should have set the tone for how this ceremony was gonna go down, but they had a few surprises up their sleeves, like busting a move down the aisle, instead of a slow and steady walk! It was so cute to watch the wedding party and then the bride and her dad dance and it brought a smile to every person's face in the room!

The ceremony was beautiful.

I love the look on both the bride and the groom's face. SO. IN. LOVE.

Another trick up their sleeve, the first dance!
Not your typical slow dance, but one you could really shake it to! They looked like they had been practicing a dance routine, where she did most of the leading!

The cake.
He fed her so sweetly while she smashed it in his face!

They almost forgot to toss the bouquet and garter! Always an entertaining part of the evening...the girls fighting over it, while the boys run the opposite way!

I had some crazy shadows inside the club and try as I might to get this cake topper without it, turns out I like the shadowed picture better!? Go figure.


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Crispell


  1. So exciting- your 1ST wedding! That cake topper idea was awesome, but you know I love those detail/creative shots!
    Love that last one of them in black & white too.

  2. you did amazing!! great pics