Friday, January 7, 2011

The Pearson Family - Estrella Mountain Park

She is the principal of Kyan's former school. She is one of the biggest reason's that it was so hard to take him out of the school to put him in his "home" school, which was just built in our neighborhood. Her son was in Kyan's class too. There were several boys that were such good friends, probably drove their teacher crazy, but they were another reason I didn't want to pull him. When she asked me to take their family photos, I was so excited! Excited that we were finally able to meet up and get them taken for them before the holidays!
They are a beautiful family!

Her mom and dad and her grandma and grandpa joined us for the shoot as well.
Her grandma cracked me up and insisted that it wasn't "Cheese!" said on three, but "Cheesy Sex!" I just about died the first time it came out of her mouth! Hilarious!

My favorite of the two kids together.

Big brother, little sister. I love that she is checking him out. What is she thinking about?

Once she figured it out, she loved it!

Love this family shot!


  1. Beautiful pic, I love the black and white with the kids too!

  2. Love them- especially ones of brother & sister, so sweet!

  3. awww love them....i to lv bro and sis pic